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Attention passengers: Shipment status update

We’ve been quiet for a while, but we thought we’d throw you a bone to chew on before our upcoming beta testing…

What we’ve been up to.

The last few months have been busy for us here at Shipment - We’ve been building a team of alpha-developers and designers to bring you the best possible product. We’ve been trying out some new developing techniques, and they have led us to discovering new design possibilities. During this time of learning, we’ve fine tuned and focused Shipment, until she is nearly ready for launch. We believe excellence takes time, and you deserve nothing less. We want our product to stand out, especially since our users are our fellow designers. Our crew have been working like dogs to make Shipment effortless and beautiful. It is important that our product is well polished, with no unfinished business - leaving just pure design to drool over.

This may be awkward… but bragging is part of the business. 

We got the ball rolling with 1000 boarding passes in the first hour, and after a round of rum, sign ups continued to climb. By the end of the first day we had 2000 sign ups out of 3000 unique visitors (!). The rate slowed down to 40 sign-ups a day for the first month, and we sit comfortably with 5 of our boarding passes being handed out per day and with a  total of around 4500 boarding passes issued so far, out of 20,000 unique visitors. Nobody who has signed up knows exactly what Shipment will do, so we know we have a lot to prove. All we ask is that you trust that our beautiful design means a highly useable and efficient product. 

Beta Testing

To aid us in this endeavor, we will begin testing the waters in a couple of weeks. The private beta is almost full with our handpicked designers, developers and project managers already onboard, but we have a few spots left for deckhands. If you sign up now, you will be among the first to know when we unleash Shipment from her beta testing bonds. We are specifically looking (at the moment) for freelance designers who currently have clients. But don’t worry if you don’t fall into that category - we will continue to evolve Shipment to encompass more aspects of the design industry, and updates will be posted here regularly. For our initial success to continue, we will jump through every hoop until she is perfect and ready for launch. 


Special delivery!

Because everybody seem to really like the illustration on our beta signup page that we decided to put them online to download. Enjoy.

Designers. We’re getting ready for departure.

Today we’re getting ready for departure. Apply for a boarding pass to get early access to our beta. We are working steady and will release our first beta soon.

The Shipment Crew